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The New Music of John Zeretzke
We Love
Here's the Deal!  
$35 gets you the new AMAMUS CD
+ one of JZ's previous releases of your choice!
$15 will go to our next FLUTES ACROSS THE WORLD mission to the PHILIPPINES   (Tax deductable)
If you want to donate more, we would appreciate your generosity that will go out to hundreds of children on our next mission.
Choose from these CD's for your additional CD:
• Reflections of Earth - World Music Modern Ballet and Dance Scores
• Standing Brave - Kundalini Yoga Chants with a Chumash Persian Twist
• The Goin' South Band - Americana Folk and Originals
• Zeretzke - Music For Plays - Scores for Theater Productions
• PUSH - with Norma Tanega - World Music Improvisational
1.  Go to ZWORLDMUSIC button below.  
Pay $20 to SQUARE and enter the 2nd Cd of your choice in the notes box.   Enter your full address so we can send you your 2 CD's.
2. Go to FLUTES ACROSS THE WORLD website and donate $15 to our 501c3  non-profit.  We thank you for taking the time to help our music missions across the world and the work we do with children.
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